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Qty. Wine Description Price
Arneis, 2011 $15.00
Pinot Grigio, 2013 $16.00
Barbera, 2010 $25.00
Primitivo, 2011 $25.00
Dolcetto, 2011 $27.00
Sangiovese, 2009 (Current Release) $26.00
Sangiovese, 2010 $26.00
Nebbiolo, 2010 $28.00
Ingenious, 2010 $43.00
Jovial, 2009 (Current Release) $40.00
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, 2010 $44.00
Merlot Reserve, 2009 (Current Release) $38.00
Merlot Reserve, 2010 $38.00
Sollievo, 2008-Merlot Dessert Wine $34.00
Case of 2011 Arneis $60.00
Subtotal: $0.00

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