Web Development

Here at Clever Concepts, we mean what we say. So when we say we're the area's expert web development firm -- well, guess what?

Clever Concepts is one of the only developers in the Central Coast that develops advanced, custom-programmed, hand-coded web sites. Want it done right? Do we even need to say that you've come to the right place?

Fact: no two sites are identical.
Fact: we won't treat your project like any other.


You'll get very tired very fast of listening to us say we can do anything, but just wait until you need someone who can. When it comes to online interactivity, Clever Concepts has the experience to meet your needs. Administrative access to your site? No problem. Broadcast email solutions? We do that. We've developed search engine utilities, interactive surveys and more. Like we said: you need it, we can do it.


It's become increasingly important for companies with a web presence to keep content fresh, and it doesn't matter how responsive your "web guy" is: if you can update your site on your own without needing any particular HTML know-how or special software, there's no downtime between inspiration and execution. We've developed a sweet little CMS tool that can be accessed from any computer anywhere, and makes it possible for even the most un-tech-savvy person to update the content of their site in real time.


Yeah, we do this, too. (You can stop being surprised now. We said we could do anything. We meant it.) Clever Concepts has developed powerful databases for everything from online surveys to dealer locators, from product inventories to events calendars and customer information libraries. Best of all, updating your database has never been easier: you can update your content in real time directly through a web browser.

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